Teddy on Motor (Twin Boys)

Motor diaper cake

Front View

Teddy bear on diaper cake motor

Side View

Product Code: SDC01BT

Status: Unavailable

*Note: This diaper cake was baked for a set of twins. Please contact us here for enquiries.



It’s Twins!

Say “Welcome To The World” to the new arrivals for the proud parents with this adorable diaper cake that would make an impressive centerpiece for baby fullmoon party!

This motor-shaped diaper cake is baked with what a new mom needs the most… Diapers, and filled with other ‘treasures’ for the baby boys!


  • 28 pcs Huggies Disposable Diapers (Size S)
  • 2 Baby Gaps Long Sleeve Baby Shirts
  • 2 Baby Rompers
  • 2 pairs Peter Rabbit Mittens
  • 2 pairs Peter Rabbit Booties
  • 1 Tenderly Feeding Bottle
  • 1 Plush Teddy

The cake comes wrapped in printed cellophane bag and a handmade gift tag.


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