Touring Twins Diaper Cake

Touring Twins Diaper Cake close up view.

Close View

Touring Twins Diaper Cake side view

Side View

Touring Twins Diaper Cake. Pink twin close up.

Pink twin

Touring Twins Diaper Cake. Close up on both twins.

The twins








Touring Twins Diaper Cake, a custom made-to-order diaper cake for Rachel.


Product Description

Meet the Touring Twins! As you can see, this girl and boy twins are happily touring on their two-wheeler. With Minnie and Mickey Mouse decorated onto their bike, they look irresistibly adorable and will definitely be the centerpiece of any event or occasion that they are attending. Not only that, their bike is filled with many essential and quality baby items ideally suited for the girl and boy twins. No wonder these two are sporting a big smile on their faces  🙂


  • 20 pcs Huggies Disposable Diapers (Size M)
  • 2 Old Navy Long Sleeve Baby Shirts
  • 2 Anakku bibs
  • 2 pairs Anakku mittens
  • 2 pairs Anakku booties
  • 2 baby bath towels
  • 1 Baby Kiko BPA-free milk bottle
  • 1 Tenderly Baby Wipes
  • 2 Plush Teddy Bears

The diaper cake came wrapped in printed clear cellophane bag and a handmade gift tag.


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