Sweet Garden Diaper Cake

Sweet Garden Front view

front view

Sweet Garden Side view

side view

Sweet Garden Top view

top view

Sweet Garden Close up view









Product Code: 1TDC02

Status: Sold!


Product Description

Ever dreamt of having a pink garden with pink flowers and pink lawn? Haha..  The little ones could. And we could too, evidently  🙂 .It’s never too early to ignite the flights of fantasy and fun imaginations in the little ones.

This creation makes use the pink garden theme and is named the Sweet Garden diaper cake. The saccharine sweetness of the pink theme matches the sweet cuteness found in all the little ones. Sweet and practical. You’ll find useful quality essential baby care items in the garden  🙂


  • 9 pcs Huggies disposable diapers (Size M)
  • 1 Old Navy Long Sleeve Shirt
  • 1 pair Anakku mittens
  • 1 pair Anakku booties
  • 1 Pureen BPA-free feeding bottle
  • 1 Baby Headband
  • 1 plush Flower Pot

The cake comes wrapped in printed cellophane bag and a handmade gift tag.


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