F1 Racing Car Diaper Cake

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Product Description

A Formula 1 racing car themed diaper cake. This is the baby gift that will be the star at any baby event, second only to the VVIP – the baby – of course 🙂   This is the statement gift that will be the most unique one, standing out amongst the plethora of other baby gifts or baby hampers. This diaper cake is arguably the first diaper cake in the world that’s shaped as a Formula 1 racing car, making it like no other diaper cake elsewhere. Measuring nearly 1m in length, it is BIG.

The F1 racing car diaper cake is ideally suited for any and all baby joyous occasions, such as the baby shower, baby fullmoon and baby’s birthday party. To parents who are fans of F1 racing specifically or motorcar racing in general, this diaper cake will definitely add an extra glint to their eyes.

Did we mentioned it’s BIG? Its size is not made of fluff or air. This diaper cake is packed with quality essential baby items that’s practical which the new moms and dads would appreciate.

Ingredients for the Formula 1 racing car diaper cake:

  • 49 pcs Huggies disposable diapers (Size M)
  • 1 BPA-free feeding bottle
  • 1 set Baby Kiko feeding bowl and spoon
  • 2 packs Baby Kiko baby wipes
  • 1 pair cotton baby sock
  • 1 red bath towel 100% cotton
  • 1 pc bodysuit

This diaper cake comes wrapped in printed cellophane and a custom-made gift tag, sitting atop a hard plastic board.

Personalize it!



You may also personalize the diaper cake with the baby’s name, or any other name that you could think of. It could be “Ferrari” or “Racer” or “Champion”, just to name a few examples 🙂



Due to its size, the courier delivery option is not possible and will be delivered by hand. As such, receiving locations will be limited to Klang Valley and certain major towns such as Ipoh and Seremban. Please enquire with us first for deliveries outside of Klang Valley.


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