BoyBoy Got Milk

Here’s another variation of the Got Milk diaper cake, for an order some time ago as a baby gift to a newborn baby boy. All we needed to do per the custom request order was to change the color theme of the original Got Milk (here) while retaining the boyish factor. Other than the color theme and personalized name, this BoyBoy Got Milk is very similar to the Pinky Got Milk variant (here).

The ingrediens we used are:

  • 30 pcs Huggies disposable diapers (Size: M)
  • 1 pair baby socks
  • 1 Pureen BPA-free feeding bottle
  • 1 plush teddy bear
The cake was delivered wrapped in printed cellophane bag and a handmade gift tag.



One thought on “BoyBoy Got Milk

  1. I LOVE you diaper cakes. I just did my first and now I am looking for more for even more inspiration. I did realize how costly and how time consuming they can be, but I LOVED doing it!

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