This Is Anfield Diaper Cake


Here’s one of our proudest creation so far, This Is Anfield diaper cake. Requested by JK, this diaper cake is custom made to her request to have a Liverpool FC-themed diaper cake as her baby gift for her friend.

To do justice to such a famous football institution, we came up with a diaper cake that’s full of the symbolism associated with Liverpool FC. “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is synonymous with Liverpool FC. So is the Shankly Gates with its Liverbird. And of course Anfield, being the spiritual home and world famous stadium of Liverpool FC.

With the This Is Anfield Diaper Cake, we sure hope to help the football-mad daddy pass on his affection of Liverpool FC to his next generation  🙂

The ingredients we used for this creation are:

  • 45 pcs Huggies disposable diapers (Size: M)
  • 1 pair Vincent baby shoe
  • 1 pc Tenderly baby bath towel
  • 1 pair Growing Up baby sock
  • 1 pc Bumble Bee wash cloth
  • 1 pc original Adidas mini Liverpool football
  • 1 pc Caress plush football
The diaper cake was delivered wrapped in printed cellophane bag with a handmade gift tag.

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