Golden Ingot Diaper Cake

Yuan Bao

Front View

Yuan Bao top view

Top View

Yuan Bao close up view

Close Up

Yuan Bao Tigger

Top close up


Product Code: SSDC03

Price: RM168

Status: Unavailable



Product Description

Chinese New Year is a joyful period to be celebrated together with family, friends and relatives. With a new baby, that’s double the joy for the proud parents! We at Baby Diaper Cakes N Gifts are proud to present our latest seasonal creation for this CNY festival, the Golden Ingot Diaper Cake.

With the coming of the Year of the Tiger, the creation features the ever adorable Tigger, standing atop a huge golden ingot (元宝 – yuan bao) shaped diaper cake that’s filled with lots of items essential for the baby and parents.
A lovely and practical creation that also auspiciously symbolizes prosperity, wealth and good luck, this diaper cake will be just the perfect gift this Chinese New Year. It is a most unique diaper cake and one’s that not to be missed!


  • 32 pcs Huggies disposable diapers (size S)
  • 1 Carter’s baby romper
  • 1 pair Tenderly baby sock
  • 1 Carter’s bib
  • 1 Baby Kiko BPA-free feeding bottle
  • 2 baby bath towels
  • 1 baby rattle
  • 1 basket
  • 1 plush Tigger

The cake comes wrapped in printed cellophane bag and a handmade gift tag.